The Smart Zipcode Validator shows the inline form on the Product page and put the valid zip code, then gives permissions to buy this product. First of all, go to Display settings and see the General settings:

1Enable the app=> Please check/uncheck the box to enable /disable. 

 (Please check the box to Enable the app)

2. Display inline form (on the product page)=>You can easily enable to the product page.

{Please check the circle to Display inline form (on the product page)}

3. Disable add to cart on page load =>While loading does not  show to "add to cart button"

(Auto disable add to cart button when page loads)

Please see the below :

4. Allow purchase only if zipcode is available=> When you want the show to "Allow purchase only if zipcode is available".

(Allow purchase only if zipcode is available.)


5. Display zipcode checker form only zipcode applied products details page=>  It buttons only display zipcode applied products details page.  

(Note: You can use this feature only when you add zipcodes in products)

6. Prevent multiple time zipcode enter by using cookies=>our customer no need to enter the same zipcode in other products OR the same product, because once you enter the zipcode, It saved in the cookies and show the delivery is available for the product.

7.Enter zipcode minimum length=>you can decide to "Enter zipcode minimum length"

8.Enter zipcode maximum length=>you can decide to "Enter zipcode maximum length"

Please see the below :

Select zipcode checker form position=>You can easily set the position of zipcode validator form.

  • Before add to cart button 
  • After add to cart button 
  • custom 

Please see the below :