Product Options Kit app allows adding custom product options or fields to your product page. You can get additional information from your customers with the help of these custom fields settings. Therefore, you can increase the average order value from your store products.

Which type of custom fields you can add to the products. You can see below:

  1. Textbox
  2. Textarea
  3. Email 
  4. Phone
  5. Number
  6. Radio
  7. Checkbox
  8. Switch
  9. Dropdown
  10. Dropdown Multiple
  11. File

How is it useful?

For example, if you need to gather more information from your customers (or if the customer wants personalized products) on your product pages, such as customer notes, cake flavors, t-shirt design, upload logo or text t-shirt to design your product page, etc.

If you have a bakery store and sell cakes online to your customers, you can offer additional options to your customers, such as cake sizes, cake flavors, cake messages, and birthday decorating items.

If you have a T-Shirt printing shop, you can provide additional options to your customers on your t-shirt, such as uploading your brand, logo, and design, choosing the colors and size of the shirt.